Galeuropa: enriching young Spanish people’s career

Arousa Moza – one of the most active NGOs in Villagarcia de Arousa, Spain

Arousa Moza was founded in May 2017 by a group of young people who wanted to contribute to and help society, especially young people, through local and international projects and events.

It is a young association focused on promoting their own young people and culture, other ways of leisure and healthy lifestyle, and the importance of acknowledging and respecting diversity. Moreover, the members want to promote the necessity of protecting the environment and the importance of our patrimony.

Through the NGO, the members try to create new opportunities for local young people, fight against hate speech, hatred, and exclusion. Their activity consists of projects about creativity through art, games, entertainment, but also of activities and workshops for the local community in order for them to develop key competences and improve their job opportunities.

Arousa Moza volunteers  have experience in different fields, such as art, entrepreneurship, non-formal education, law, environment. Furthermore, they actively participate in Erasmus+ projects, through which they interact with people from different backgrounds, thus promoting one of Arousa Moza’s fundamental principles: tolerance.

The main objectives of this NGO are:

  • Dynamize the lives of young people in the Salnés region
  • Increase interest in historical and environmental heritage
  • Promote youth proactivity
  • Increase the participation of young people in socio-cultural activities
  • Defend multiculturalism
  • Promote healthy behaviors
  • Promote mobility and the creation of new associations.

In order to achieve these objectives, Arousa Moza focuses on:

  • organizing cultural, sports and educational activities, including outdoor and ecological activities such as excursions, camps and workshops;
  • implementing training courses, seminars, public debates, round tables, talks and conferences, and activities related to knowledge sharing, other cultures and languages;
  • participating and organize mobility activities, as well as in international programs;
  • developing agreements with public and private institutions, to achieve their objectives;
  • developing proposals on policies and programs related to children, youth, health, education, the environment and volunteering.

GalEuropa Exchange Program

This year is the first time the team of Arousa Moza decided to be part of the GALEUROPA Exchange program.

One of the fundamental reasons to take a step forward when starting to prepare all the paperwork to carry out the exchanges was the fact that the program itself responded so faithfully to the objectives and principles of the association.

This program gives the opportunity to young unemployed people from Spain to expand their curriculum and gain work experience through the realization of work practices in companies in other countries. The experience not only provides a clear professional growth, but also personal.

Practicing in other countries provides direct contact with other cultures, which exposes participants to the need to learn to live together, promoting tolerance. In addition, living in other countries where different languages are spoken facilitates the learning of other languages, something highly valued today in the labor market.

I decided to come in Romania through the “GALEUROPA” program to develop myself professionaly, to obtain better lenguage skills and discover a different culture.During these three months my development expectations were met and I was surprised to discover a very similar culture far away from my country.

I made a lot of new friends that made me feel welcomed and I will never forget them.After many funny and unforgettable moments I could call Romania «a second home».

I recommend everyone to get out of their comfort zone and take the step to a similar experience with no doubt.I would like to say «thank you» to members of the Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa and Asociación Arousa Moza for making possible this great experience.

Borja Iglesias


During the selection process, the Arousa Moza team evaluated the profiles of the candidates, prioritizing the long-term unemployed or people in more disadvantaged situations and with fewer opportunities.

The search of work placement was extraordinarily effective and satisfactory for the participants of the project, all thanks to the great work of the host association, which quickly began the search for more consistent companies.

Today we can say that all participants have valued the experience in an exceptional way, which breaks any expectations we might firstly have had. The participants feel that this exprience changed their lives, and that working abroad gave them the chance to see their work and career from a different perspective. This feedback is all we need for our work in helping them participate in this program.

Borja Santamaria Gonzalez

President, Arousa Moza

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